The road to Steem Fest | Catching up

Original contest post: The idea of this week’s topic is to post the unposted topics of this contest from the past weeks. I don’t know if I’ve made all 10 topics, but I believe so since I post a lot here on Steem! I decided to go through all my roadtosteemfest post and make a summary of the posts I made, if you decide to go to Steemfest at very last minute and haven’t done the contest yet, you can wrote these posts for us to catch up! Here are my post of the 10 topics: a trip down memory lane planning, wanting, doubting who I want to meet in SF4 budgeting funding the Thai life business or leisure actual road 3 truths 1 lie fears I made it, above I’ve posted all 10 topics! Now I’ll go check fellow Steemians posts. See you in Bangkok very soon!