Trinity College – Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Library

Trinity College attracts many visitors partly because the library was featured in the Harry Potter films . I actually didn’t know that until after my visit. I guess I’m not that crazy about Harry Potter. It was an extraordinary library whatsoever, and the campus itself was huge and mixed with many historical buildings.


I liked strolling around the campus among old buildings. It’s Dublin’s iconic university, steeped in history and quite well maintained. I envy the students here who get to use this prestigious place. I even found the Pomodoro Globe in the campus – its big brother can be found in the Vatican. There are 8 of them, spread around the world.


See how long the queue is? They told me it was around a 45-minute queue. I hate queuing even for the best venue or the best food. So I searched immediately for some quicker solutions and bought my ticket online, it took a while to book on the mobile website, but still, no more than 5 minutes. Meanwhile I was seating on the lovely inner court yard enjoy precious Irish sunshine.


Entry to the Long Room of the Library was breathtaking and inspiring. Quite crowded though, while I admire the wonderful architecture, wooden craftsmanship and statues, I was glad that I didn’t have to queue for this. It gets an amazing collection of old books but only a few scholars in the college have access to them. I love the spiral stairs but we have no access to it. I think this beautiful library is definitely worth a visit and the fee because it’s so special but it wasn’t worth the queuing time.


The Irish really love the harp.


Downstairs is an exhibition of the old Book of Kells, an ancient manuscript, which dates from around 800 AD. Compared to the long room, I loved this exhibition of Book of Kells much better. It contains extracts from the bible. The sketches on its pages are of amazing Celtic art. The pages were shown in few rooms.

和挤满游客的长厅相比,我反而觉得这本古书 – 凯尔经的展览才真的是值得一看。凯尔经是一本泥金手抄本。他的内页非常精美和复杂,充满各种颜色和凯尔特风格的基督图案,光内页的展示就占了几个展厅。我一个对基督教没什么研究的人也不近感慨它的精美制作。

If you are into old books, I would also recommend another museum, Chester Beatty Library close to the Dublin castle. They have a extended exhibition of books and artifacts from all corners of the world, and from many different eras. In the ground floor of the museum there’s this Silk Road Cafe, where you can enjoy a typical afternoon tea, served in a beautiful tea pot.


Thanks for reading!