My trip from Jambiani to Zanzibar airport wasn’t so easy

My flight was late in the evening that day, so I wasn’t in a hurry, just took my time ^^ before I left, I could still take a walk on the beach and have a beer. From Jambiani I took a daladala to Zanzibar city, then a daladala to the airport, sounds easy but I had some difficulties. Taking a taxi was probably a better option now I’m thinking haha but I just wanted to get ready for my coming West Africa trip, that region could be much tougher than Zanzibar. Needed to catch a dalaldala (mini-bus) from this crossroad. Normally daladala comes every hour.

I was sitting next to a tree, to use the shades while listening to some music, relax enough. Suddenly there came a daladala, someone next to me told me it’s for Zanzibar city. OK, perfect, I took my bag, trying to get in. But they only stopped for 2 seconds, before I realised, they already drove away. FML. Took the picture above, to memorise 🙂 then I called my guesthouse host, who helped me get a daladala to Paje, starting point of daladala’s to Zanzibar city. Jambiani is more of a passing point.

Paje bus station.

Inside the minibus.

Hmmmm, this kind of Chinese shopping bags you see everywhere in Zanzibar, for sale and people use them to carry stuff.

Cool. Caught my bus, finally could relax, look outside and took some random pictures.

Some blurry shots on the way, there are also many second hand Japanese minibuses and school buses can be seen in the whole Zanzibar. Above was a onsen hotel bus, it made me miss those Ryokans in Japan. Near Stone town, a group of lady with a lot of makeups got in the bus, they wore quite colorful clothes. I thought they look cool but they refused to be in the pucture with me, so no photos, but they look cool.

Finally, Zanzibar city, bus stop.

Finally, I found my Zanzibar mix again, in one of these residence apprtments. I was so happy to use my last Shillings. With locals’ help, I was able to take a minibus to the airport again. I was just so bad at catching buses. That airport bus got super full at one point, I got a seat but at some point I really regretted taking the bus, it felt it could explode any time.

Bus stop outside Zanzibar airport.

I made it! But facepalm, what a trip! Quite a hassle, I didn’t feel like even making a vlog or anything lol.

Cute little airport. There weren’t many shops/cafés inside. I was so glad I ate that Zanzibar mix in Zanzibar city. I even packed a coconut cake with me, how wise I was! ^^

Bye bye Zanzibar. Beautiful beach and bustling streets. It was great to see both sides of the island. I’m sure I’ll come back one day. ?????⛱ Some lessons learnt from Zanzibar trip, for my further Wafrica trips: don’t bring many white clothes or white eco-bags; bring clothes with sleeves to protect shoulders, they easily get burnt ?; bring mosquito repel, plus maybe tweezers to put on contact lens ^^