????? and some thoughts

Hi, greetings from Nha Trang. Once I reach the beach, I become lazy and start doing nothing.

Here they have grab, which is awesome, I don’t even need to walk 300 meters to get ice coffee, can just get someone buying it for me.

How’s Nha Trang? Hmmmm… if you think it’s quiet, no the beach is too busy, and there are too many Chinese group tourists in the center, literally everywhere, packed, basically no escape from them. Can be a case study for the harm overtourism brings lol.

When I see such things, sometimes I think about who to blame overtourism, tour companies, tourists, bad marketing? Slavery waging, lack of paid yearly leave? Or simply people’s innocence, gullibility, or the greedy human nature, horrible mass tourism industry, or the general scammy culture in Asia and some other parts of the world?

I don’t know, or maybe actually everyone is happy, some got to make profit, without care how the image on their destination is; the others shout loudly on the streets of other countries, don’t give a shit how people think about them, as long as they eat their seafood, spent some money, all good. For the rest nobody gives. Then why should I worry anyway? haha

All that being said (geez, So much rambling, sorry lol) beach is beach, not too bad for me at all.