Bright Brussels 2018: Festival of Light (2 min vlog)

This weekend in Brussels, there is a festival of light going on called “Bright Brussels”. Lately a frigid air from Siberia extends the cold winter in Europe. Temperature has been below zero for a couple of days already. Hopefully the colourful lights can bring warmness in such a fierce weather.

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Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong

Praying at the temple is one of the most important traditions during the Lunar New Year, together with the family reunion dinner, red envelopes, new year decorations and etc. Typically worshippers go to the temple on the third day of the new year. You will find that most temples are normally getting full during the first week of the new year.

On my trip to Hong Kong, I visited a Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen, after making a wish on the wishing tree there. The Tin Hau temple next to the plastic wishing trees has a long history. It was built in Qing dynasty. Where the temple is now located used to be the site of the original wishing tree.

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Fukuoka trip in a nutshell (20 pictures)

Fukuoka is Kyushu’s largest and Japan’s sixth largest city. If you look at the map, it’s much closer to the Asian mainland and Korea then to Tokyo. Since quite a long time, Fukuoka serves as an important harbour city for Japan. Fukuoka was made of two parts, the port city of Hakata and the old town of Fukuoka. Nowadays the central JR station of Fukuoka and the port of Fukuoka still use the name of Hakata.

I stayed a couple of days in Fukuoka, today I’d like to show this city in 20-ish pictures.

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「Iran Throwback 」Hafez, the Persian poet

I stayed with Hossein’s family in Shiraz, thanks to @liflorence. Li met Hossein and made friends with him and the whole family. The family is so friendly and welcoming. Hossein and friends told me a lot about Iranian culture, we had the amazing Iranian dish dizi. I was so fascinated to see how well his sister could dance Zumba and how his friends are atheists and anarchists in a country where “most of the fun things that younger generation like to do (such as dancing, party, etc) are illegal”.

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