a Barcelona holiday

Right now it’s around 14 degrees in Belgium. Summer is officially gone, I’m glad I got to extend a few more summer days in Barcelona!

It’s such a lovely city that I keep going back and can always find something new (now after a couple of times, I think I’ve seen pretty much everything).

Let me share some photos from the trip.

Some beautiful houses.
I love these traditional breakfast restaurants/bakeries you find everywhere in Spain and Portugal, you find coffee, juice, pastries, empanadas, etc. We need to have such places in Belgium.


hahaha I love this soft spiral pastry from Mallorca!
Catalan Coca (kinda like pizza)


Empanadas make me miss South America.
Chill’in streets
Art Nouveau Nespresso!
Beautiful Tapas bar call El Nacional, thanks @hauptmann for showing me.

Jamon and tapas for life!

More food ^^

I’ve never tried Creme Catalan, cos I thought it would be something like Creme Brulée, but it wasn’t the same, it was with the hard sugary layer that you can knock with spoon hahah.
Selfie witn Dali!
kFiestas de Sants was so luch fun!!!!


good cider
Ladron de Manzanas
Spicy Michelada! I remember I used to drink it with a Mexican friend, haven’t drank it for ages, so nostalgic!

Just a super random travel log, I hope you like Barcelona.