Some pictures from Costa Brava

In Barcelona we went to Costa Brava, a long sandy beach in Girona, to the North of Barcelona. Barcelona has several beaches inside the city, they are good but a bit more crowded.

You can take the R1 train from Catalunya every 20-30 min if you don’t have a car. R1 train stops in most beaches along from Barcelona to Blanes along the coast, so it’s easily reachable. People living in Barcelona like to escape to Costa Brava for a short trip, if they don’t want to go further or take a boat to islands. Train wasn’t bad, sometimes can be a bit crowded.


I took so many selfies, sorry!


Horchata and iced coffee are all I need!



Girona的海滩总体上说比市区的好一些,不那么拥挤,而且不用太担心小偷(大家知道巴塞罗那还是挺乱的),所以巴塞罗那本地人一般除了周边的小岛,都会选择去Costa Brava度假。