Becoming vegetarian in India

I always love vegetables but I have a hard time finding tasty vegetarian dishes in Belgium (not a big fan of salad or… veg burgers stuff like that), so unless I cook myself or when I eat Indian food, I can be vegetarian.

India is heaven for vegetarians. In fact, it’s not easy to find non-veg restaurants in many places in North India. Indians make the best veg dishes ever. Since I arrived, I’ve barely eaten non-veg.

Here are some tasty veg dishes I’ve had so far!

Veg Thali

Dum Aloo, tastes better than it looks

Lentil and chickpeas

Mushroom and peas

Spinach and Paneer (indian cheese)

Southern Indian pancake dessert

Coconut Dosa (typical Southern Indian dish) in a Southern Indian restaurant in Delhi

More to come.

have a good day everyone!