Change your recovery account and vote for witnesses

Hey everyone, I hope you all safely stored your steem keys. Lately there are some phishing activities going on on Steem.

DO NOT click on any links in comments.

Plus, we all know that accounts related to steemit inc belongs to tron now. @Steem account also, so for your safety, it is suggested to change your recovery account to someone that you think is trustful, if you aren’t fully trust steemit inc. In case you ever get hacked, you can still via recovery account to recover your account.

recent phishing case, seems difficult atm for him to get account recovered via steem account

How can you get that done?

Go to

I still need to get mine done as well, as my key was stored in some other computer.


Vote for witnesses if you haven’t done that yet:

Yellow colour was added by Justin, it’s his sock puppets, vote the clean ones.

You can vote via the link above or set proxy, then someone you trust can vote for you: