Do you have an Internal Monologue? I don’t.

Yesterday I came across a blog post, and realised that some people can always “hear” their voice and have an internal monologue in their mind…

This is so new to me and blows my mind. Because I don’t think I have such monologue going on.

The author of that post sounds so surprised about those who don’t have such monologue. It also made me thinking: I normally leave my mind empty, it’s not really that I practice yoga or mindfulness or something, maybe it’s a habit, maybe I’m lazy? I don’t know. At least there’s never a voice or monologue hovering in my mind and I don’t understand how it feels when you constantly have some “voice” popping up in your mind.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t overthink, sometimes I still think too much and can feel depressed when I do (recently I learnt to think less and less). The author raised a question, “if you don’t have that monologue, how will you think?” This kinda got me, so I started to think about it yesterday. I sometimes write down some private notes if I really feel like thinking something important, that’s how I deal with it.

As for reading, I’m not really big reader unfortunately. I think I learnt (or forced myself) not to “read in your mind” when I took GMAT and IELTS test, I tried to read English articles quicker, but probably it’s not my natural habit, I think sometimes I still read in my mind when reading. But besides that I never really have internal monologue.

How about you Steemians? I recommend you read that blog post first, in case I didn’t explain it clearly. It’s an interesting topic that I never thought about. Feel free to share your experience.