empty Noordzee


How’s your weekend?

I hope you had a good one, I didn’t do much the past few days, except for trying to optimise the blog a bit, the more I edit, the more I feel unsatified about it. I guess I’ll just leave it like this for a while, at least now I can hide the caroussel on mobile version.

My braces still keep hurting my mouth, no matter how much wax I’m using… I haven’t talked or eaten much for the whole week, probably tomorrow I’ll get myself some baby food if it’s still like this. I could have taken those braces off by the end of the year, but due to some travels this year, I’ll have to put it off, hopefully not too much pain while travelling. Certainly no fun 😭

Sad sad days…

Picture was taken at the seaside of Belgium the other weekend. Belgium coast is so empty at this time of the year, you barely see people walking on the beach. It’s constantly raining lately, plus the pain, I haven’t been outside much.

Do you like this kind of sea? Or do you think it looks miserable?

I’ve also been procrastinating forever to pack travel baggages, it’s a headache, as I’m kind of obsessed with minimalist packing, my backpack has to be as small/light as possible. I even have bought some ultra light clothings specially for longer trips, in order to bring more items, because I also don’t want to weae the same thing again and again… (being super difficult)

In the end, I spend 10x more time in get everything packed, which made me a bit scared of the whole packing thing. It feels like a battle, and often takes me days to finish. But when I finish it, I feel soooooo accomplished (a bit weird, I know, but if you’ve seen me travelling, you know how less luggage I bring!)

Anyway, I hope my mouth pain will get better by the time I leave for Bangkok.