Cabaret Voltaire – a Fun and Fury Dada house in Zurich center 苏黎世的达达主义小酒吧

In downtown Zurich, there is a special bar called Cabaret Voltaire. It is the actual place where Dadaism was born. 100 years ago this small house in downtown Zürich became the birthplace of the Dada art movement. With Switzerland being neutral during World War I, Zurich became the heaven for artists, philosophers and writers, those who rejected the logic and aestheticism of modern capitalist society. Instead, they were expressing irrationality and anti-bourgeois protest in their works. Vladimir Lenin was among one of them and he used to live near the Cabaret back then.

In 2004 it reopened as a café, cultural and education center. Now the place is divided onto a cafe, a cabaret and a shop and exhibition center, but when we were there at night, only the bar is open.


位于苏黎世中心的这家叫做Cabaret Voltaire的小酒吧就是当年流亡苏黎世的艺术家的集聚地。战后很多达达主义艺术家离开了苏黎世去世界各地发展。2004年以后,这家酒吧重新开放,变成了年轻人聚会的地方。这个达达主义酒吧分为两个部分,文化中心和酒吧。我们是晚上去的,当时只有酒吧开放。

It was a very cool bar with great wall-paintings. Like its history, the place has a true Bohemian vibe and is popular among youngsters. I absolutely loved these posters. Come in the evening, if you are lucky, there might be live music playing as well.


ddress: ​ Cabaret Voltaire

The bar is open everyday except Monday.