Experiences with Vinted: second hand clothing selling/swapping site

Since a few years I’ve decided not to purchase unnecessary clothes and bags. In this way I’ve saved quite a lot, as in the past I used to buy too many past fashion items which became junk after a few wears.

Capsule closet is ideal for a minimalist lifestyle, yet it is always easier said than done, I love colors and pattern and the items that hardly fit in a capsule closet. Recently I started to use some second hand clothing selling/swapping site when I feel like buying clothes. I guess some might dislike the idea of second hand clothes, but I never mind it. I’ve always liked thrift/vintage shopping.

There’s always hygiene related concerns but as for my experiences, so far so good. As a lazy person, I’m mostly shopping online nowadays.

A bit off topic, Belgium isn’t the best country for online shopping, only if you’ve lived here, you’ll understand it. We need to rely on Dutch sites bol.com or amazon fr/de/uk, and a lot of times sellers don’t even send to Belgium lol. We do have some second hand swapping sites we can use, but not so popular. Lately I found Vinted, apparently it’s a Lituanian site, they also have mobile app and UI seems quite good so I decided to give it a try.

Funny thing is if I visit vinted.be, most sellers are French, which isn’t bad, as there are a few French brands I like, and I can practice my French by the way haha.

So buying in Vinted is a bit different than other site, except for delivery cost (around 3 euro, quite a good price for online shopping in Belgium, as a lot of times I pay more in normal online shops), buyer also need to pay a 2 euro ish “buying protection” fee, which is a bit misleading in the originally shown price, but still it’s not that bad.

I made my first purchase the other day and it was a good experience. How about your guy, will you try such websites and do you sell your second hand clothes sometimes? Feel free to share.

Have a good day ahead!