Experiences with AirHelp: Getting my delayed flight compensation

Earlier I received a mail from AirHelp, telling me they are about to compensate my delayed flight from almost 2 years back. I almost forgot I’ve ever used AirHelp for that, although I’m not sure how long it will take till they transfer it to me, but it’s not bad.

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky with flights. During the past few years, I took 10+ flights per year, and I use budget non-full service airlines quite a lot, but so far I’ve only had 2 or 3 really bad delays among maybe 100+ flights. The one I happened to filed to AirHelp was one of them. It was with Ryanair, I paid for maybe 30 Euro from Bratislava back to Brussels in 2018. That was part of a Central Asia trip I was on an extremely budget at that time, so I spit the trip Astana – Brussels with a stopover in Bratislava, since Wizzair flies all the way to Central Asia.

Anyway, come back to AirHelp, it wasn’t the first time I used them, but it didn’t work out with some 2 hour ish delays that I’ve tried before. The BTS-CRL flight was more than 3 hour delay, it was pretty bad and the airport was extremely boring.

Although it was budget air Ryanair, I had never had much problem with them, except that flight. Above was the screenshot from AirHelp app. The process went smooth, I didn’t claim it right after the trip, I think I started file it in 2019, Ryanair made it a bit difficult, I had to print some documents, with signatures and scan it again, it was a small effort. AirHelp followed the case quite closely, if they didn’t, I’d probably just quit it, but they kept sending me reminders in hand in those docs.

Since I’ll get some compensation, I won’t complain, it was good to get some compensation after 2 years.

I don’t know how they calculated this, seems a bit wrong but never mind.

There are many sites and this kind of service online nowadays, with competition, some might get you better compensation than other. In case you aren’t aware, if your flights are delayed for more than 3 hours, normally you are entitled for some compensation.