Festival Report| PUKKELPOP 2019 (photos + videos)

Hey festival lovers, I’m sharing my trip to Pukkelpop last week.

I can’t believe it was the first Pukkelpop after so many years in Belgium. It’s one of the major multi-day festivals here, you’ve probably heard about it, not because it’s much bigger than other ones, but it has experienced several dramatic stories a few years back, including the deadly stage collapse after a bad storm, and a band (Ou est le swimming pool) lead singer killing himself after heavily injuring crowd during the stage diving. Sad stories.

Nevertheless, Pukkelpop was so much fun despite all these sad stories plus windy rainy and cold weather. I enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

“i know rainy but can you smile a bit?”


Don’t lose wristband!

The weather was really, bad. Pukkelpop has a huge wheel ?

I don’t think you can see the lineup on the brochure, but I didn’t really stay much in front of main stage due to the rain. Had to be happy most of the bands I want to see were at indoor stages.

I love Skegss so much, propbably favorite band that I discovered recent two years and became their super fangirl, so happy they are doing Euro tour this year.

Great great live, check them out if you don’t know them yet. And The Chats also went on the stage as special guest, I like them too, but didn’t have time to check their concert this time.

I wanted to buy Skegss t shirt but they didn’t even sell in PKP merchandise ?

Party bus was fun haha! There were some band meetup events as well.

Some of the stages. One thing I like Pukkelpop is that you find all kinds of music: pop, rock, electronic, etc. The last stage was non stop electronic music. It gets busy all the time when I was there, I guess it’s because of the rain.

See how busy it is! Although I love techno and house music, when it comes to festivals, I’d rather see bands, I don’t know why. Maybe because for emectronic music I can always go to pubs,but for bands, it’s nice with summer festivals (especially when it’s sunny).

I’ve posted so much about Parcels already, I initially decided to go to Pukkelpop because of them. ?? So happy to hear them live. Didn’t play withorwithout though but it was so good still.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo9N_o-Tb80 ^ imcomplete version of everyroad

I saw Eels too! I’ve seen them a few times already.

Food court, recent years they sell “slow food” other than fries and bicky burgers in a seperate food court, which was pretty cozy and nice. These two kids saw I was taking pictures, walked to me and laughed at my braces T T

Sweet potato chips and chilled burger for dinner.

PKP by night

Chase & STATUS DJ sets but door was closed, never mind, watch in the rain outside!

I had a lot of fun in Pukkelpop and will go again next year. Some extra things that aren’t shown in the photos above: – Happy to see Cocaine Piss (Belgian punk band) made to Pukkelpop, I think I’ve seen them live before in some small concert hall, absolutely loved their live performance, raw and energetic! – I’ve discovered Sohn, nice music that you can dance to. I think I know some of his songs via radio, will listen to more.

I’ve also made a VLOG below:

Feel free to check it out! xxxxxxx