How Has Steem Impacted My Life

I see posts about how steem impacted my life all around in my feed, most of them are long posts, I don’t think I’m good at writing long posts but steem has certainly impacted my life in many ways, although most of the impacted on me are not as deep, as I’m mainly here shitposting. (btw, feel free to join shitpost community on beta steemit, if anyone uses steemit beta actually I wonder tho…)

Here are some impacts I can think about:

Be myself
I learnt to be more comfortable about who I am, I’m shy and sometimes weird, but there’re many weirdos on steem, compared to some of them, I’m nothing. So now I feel pretty comfortable and enjoy being myself.

I only started vlogging a year or so ago, although I only spend 5-10 minutes editing them , so you see my vlogs are kinda crappy, and most of the time I don’t even feel like listening to my own voice myself, but still I regret not vlogging as much as now on my previous trips. They are such a nice way to memorise a trip. I’ll try to improve my video editing skills and I love vlogging now thanks to Steem.

Steem friends
Yea I made some real life Steem friends, from mostly Steemfest. They are inspiring, more inspiring than people I normally meet in real life.

Probably there are more impacts but for now I only think of the three most important ones above, join the contest? Let’s read your story!