Taiwan night market snacks!

Have you ever been to Taiwan, it’s such a lovely place I loved it! Well, I didn’t like it that much when I first arrived in Tainan. I thought it was modern as Japan, maybe not as modern as Tokyo but at least… but it wasn’t what I thought, Taiwan feels more nostalgic, like something you see in 80s Hong Kong movies or something.

But I quickly started to like it, I like how genuine everything is, people are warm and nice. They don’t have that many huge shopping centers like many other Asian cities, but you see various food markets, family run little restaurants in most cities. Streets are alive and vibrant. The most wonderful thing about Taiwan is its night markets. Here are some photos I took in various markets. I could have taken more pictures but maybe I was too busy eating.

Can you guess what those snacks are? I love Taiwanese beef noodles!!