Taipei in photos

Even though after a while back from the trip, I’m still editing selecting and deleting photos and videos every day. So I made in total 120G-ish of photos and videos for 2.5 months, I sometimes wonder except for taking pictures, was I doing other things for the entire trip?

Taipei is a surely city that looks great in photos, maybe Taiwan in general. Here is some photos.

Even if I had never been to Taipei before the trip, I had heard of 101, landmark of Taipei city. Here are some pictures of it.

101 metro station 101 by night from the Elephant Hill.

random street Ximen Ximen by night Japanese singing traveller flea market habour Brown sugared sweet potato sold in Dihua Rd, bought some, didn’t like it that much. tea ceremony lady inside a tea house in Dihua Rd, that tea house actually looked great, forgot to take pictures. Taiwan independence flags, I think I kinda understand why they want their independence ^^ Side road of a nightmarket herbal shop Taipei is a great city, I loved it and would like to visit it again anytime.