“Unclaimed package for sale” scam at Taiwan night market

I don’t know if you’ve ever visited night markets in Taiwan. I absolutely loved it, especially the snacks.

But I also noticed there are this kind of scam, you see these packages that they claim to be unclaimed from online shopping and sell it per 100g.

Those sellers look kinda real at first glance, but then how could those people get all these packages? Where did they get them? How come every night market have one stall of such kind? Why are they so many unclaimed packages?

it actually fits in perfectly at night market I believe. Since you can buy all kinds of cheap snacks, why not some cheap package as well? And lucky bag is a thing in some Asian countries anyway.

Those people are professional, they were telling with a speaker, how you might get something valuable from the packages and how they also have no idea what are inside.

I stayed for a while to see if really someone buys it or just actors who pretend to buy. There were really people who bought, I think at least 2-3 of them. They shaked the package, while the sellers told them what they think can be inside. One girl got a fake brand bag for around $15, another girl got a useless massage oil for around $1 I think. Probably most of the packages are such useless stuff.

Really weird sort of scam though. I wonder who came up with such idea, how they started and how long it’ll continue until everyone figures out.