Jaisalmer is so beautiful!

Greetings from Jaisalmer, also know’ as the golden city. Or to be more specific, a guesthouse inside the magical Jaisalmer Fort. The still-inhibited 12th-century fort is cool despite all the touristic shops and tourist crowd during xmas/new year.

First glance at Jaisalmer.

Some of the architectures here remind me of Fez in Morocco, yet with much better and more relaxed vibes.

Morning masala chai, I’m no milk tea fan, but masala ginger chai is still my favorite milk tea if I have to choose one kind.

View of Jain temple from the guesthouse.

Guesthouse owner gave me a mala, mala is a flower garland you see everywhere in India as accessories or decorations. I love it a lot!

Stay tuned for more of my Indian travel stories ^^

See you.