Joy the motorbiker ???️

Greetings from the very North of Vietnam, I’m almost in China now haha, but no worries, I’ll stay in SE Asia for a while.

This is where I am at the moment haha!

Just rent a motorbike, will stay in the region for a few days. I’ve never ridden before but it doesn’t seem so difficult, except I have to ride very very slow to be safe ^^

Because of this, I decided to ride by myself, instead of following the group from the hostel in Ha Giang, also where I rent the motorbike. I think I feel less embarrased for riding extremely slow lol.

Route: I’m staying now in Yen Minh, not much to do here, can’t even find che to eat ?

Took a lot of photos on the way, but data isn’t as fast in this region, stay tuned, more photos coming!