La Boca, Buenos Aires

La Boca has all the characteristics that I like about a city. It’s colorful, wild and filled with street arts. Just as I preferred La Candelaria in Bogota city and Gamarra in Lima city, I also preferred La Boca more than the modern part of Buenos Aires. Even though I was warned that it is not the safest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, still I found it a very pretty neighborhood.

It’s home to El Caminito, which is a very old conglomeration of old houses from the 1800 hundreds that have been preserved by the city and painted in very bright colors by different artists. It is also home to one of the most popular football teams in Argentina, the Boca Juniors. I was mostly impressed by its lovely street arts.

The funny thing is when I told my AirBnb host that I went with the bus to La Boca and took a walk around the neighborhood on the way to the famous El Caminito. He was very surprised and he said, “luckily everything went OK, maybe for you it’s interesting to see something third world. ” But I did like it a lot!




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La Boca is an wonderful area full of street arts, however it’s not the safest neighbourhood in BsAs, thanks to Polaroid cube, I didn’t need to take out my camera or phone to take picture in these small lanes.

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Boca Juniors graffitis can be found all over. The neighborhood is passionate by football, more precisely for Boca Juniors team.

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