Montenegro’s cute ski town – Kolašin

The Adriatic Coast was great but the time has come to move to my next destination, Kolašin, a little ski base town. I’ll stay here for a couple of days and then continue to Serbia. As I’m not a ski person, I’m not really going to Kolašin for ski holidays, but I noticed there’s a national park called Biogradsja Gora nearby.


It was raining when I left, I didn’t bring an umbrella with me so I had to take a taxi. In Montenegro, taxi price is still reasonable, from Budva old town to the bus terminal it costs 1.5 euro, well, if the taxi driver is honest.

I looked for a taxi in the main street Mediteranka road. I made clear to the driver to use meter. But when we arrived in the bus terminal, he asked for 9,5 euro. I was like “What’s that, man? Where’s your meter?” He took a “meter” like thing from the ground, and sure, it writes 9,5 euro. Great. I told him don’t try to fool me, while I took out my phone pretending to call my airbnb host to warn the driver. (I actually didn’t want to call because I’m roaming in Montenegro). He seemed rather annoyed and said in the end, “OK, 5 euro and you go.” I simply handed him 2 euro that I had in my pocket and left the taxi.

Touristic city, huh? It’s never about the money but about the principle. I wouldn’t be angry though, some taxi drivers are scammy like this everywhere.


Yep, my day started with the annoying taxi driver. The bus to Kolašin is at 11:35 and it takes 3 hours. Finally I can relax a bit with a Turkish coffee after getting the ticket.


Bye bye, Budva. Bye bye, Adriatic sea. (Find a right side seat on the bus, you’ll get a better view of the entire coast.)

Scenic bus ride


Kolašin bus terminal, is it under construction or run down? Understandable for a country where buses aren’t that commonly used.

Montenegro can be divided in 3 parts, the coastal area, the mountains and the middle (which is a bit boring) part. Kolašin is in the mountain area, where you find ski slopes nearby, people in the neighbour countries often come here for a ski holiday. The town is idyllic, tranquil, and lovely. Houses are mostly wooden and stone structured.

I don’t think there are a lot of Asian tourists visiting here overnight. I was stopped by a couple of locals who asked for a photo with me 🙂


Airbnb room

The Airbnb host is so friendly, he takes care of everything. I was told to eat some local food. I showed him my notes, he’d call his friends to find those dishes and told me the name of each restaurant.


Restaurants in town are very traditional, in Kolašin, they have special local dishes for the skiers.


For example, Kačamak is a potato cheese and cream mixed dish. I liked it but I couldn’t take much cheese, too bad. I can imagine it certainly brings skiers warmth and energy.


And of course, grilled vegetables and veals

Kolasin is a small city in Montenegro. It is such a small city that you don’t find a lot of things to do. There are mostly wooden chalet and houses in town, also some restaurants that you can find some very nice traditional local dishes. I was walking around one day after dinner, then I noticed an interesting booth that used to be snack or news booth. But now it’s filled with painted stones of all kinds of shapes.

the booth

I was curious of it

I was curious of it but it was closed at the time, I asked my AirBnB host later what it is. He told me it is owned by a local artist, who also has a shop next to it, selling some souvenirs. Too bad I didn’t realise that, otherwise it would be great to have a look. I did take a lot of pictures of the stones though.





What is your favourite one?