My camel kisses me back

I did a camel trip near Jaisalmer. Everywhere you walk in the city, you will hear people trying to sell you camel safari trip. Actually it’s hardly safari, India is a highly populated country, even in the desert, it’s more of one village after another. There’s hardly endless sand dunes.

Still it was fun, it’s desert afterall, you can see some nice sunset qnd enjoy some quietness after all the hustle and bustle of those Indian cities.

Overnight in the Thar desert area near Jaisalmer is common and what most tourists will consider. There’re bigger desert camps or even luxious resort near Kanoi, a village (now almost city) between Jaisalmer and Sam sand dunes. Most guesthouses or hotels in Jaisalmer will have a driver of its own to drive you there if you book a tour with them, you can also book the camp you like directly via booking or some other apps and arrange the transport directly with the camp. I think it’s a better way, then you make sure you stay the camp you like.

Some alternatives are to take a bus to some villages to the Southwest of the city and arrange the camel ride directly with the camel man there. This would be something I usually would do but due to food poisoning a few days back, I just followed the guesthouse tour.

Camel trip can be done half day also, which was what I did. Guesthouse manager Abdu seems a nice guy from the desert, so are the driver and camel men. The desert trip in India is pretty cheap, €10-20 including camel ride and food if you don’t plan to overnight. Usually if you overnightin some camp or resort, there will be some music and dance show too.

Desert was fun, not Sahara kind of desert but it was still fun. Will post some more pictures once I get back home.