Place Poelaert – the best view point in Brussels city 布鲁塞尔最佳观景点

I believe many people are like me, when traveling in a city, would search for a view spot to get a panorama view over the city. Today I’d like to show my dear Steemit friends the best viewpoint in Brussels city, Place Poelaert. Being at a rather elevated level, the Poelaert square, where the huge Justice Palace is located, offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Brussels is not that big so everywhere is basically walkable, but Place Poelaert is located in the higher part of the city, to get there, you can also take a tram 93 or 92 fromDQmRt7HaUaZZJgh1tr4kEzwLZiL4i52y4FiiKopx2T2bzqg_1680x8400.jpgSablon and Palace area, or take a lift from the lower part of the city, Les Marolles.

相信很多人都跟我一样,每到一个城市,尤其是结束旅行的时候,有机会就会登上高点,眺望整个城市。一是可以放松心情,二是可以看看这些天都去了城市的那些区域。布鲁塞尔总体以海拔分成两篇区域,今天我要介绍布鲁塞尔法宫所在的 Poelaert广场,这里可是观景的最好去处。

虽然布鲁塞尔老城区并不大,我去哪里都可以步行,但是从大广场过来有一定坡度,所以也可以从中心火车站或者沙布伦地区乘坐93和92路电车。火车从广场附近的低城Les Marolles区域坐电梯上来就可以。

Tram no. 93 with the Justice Palace in the background.


Take the lift from Les Marolles neighborhood, it’s a lively area full of bars, shops and restaurants, theDQmRt7HaUaZZJgh1tr4kEzwLZiL4i52y4FiiKopx2T2bzqg_1680x8400.jpgHavana club on the picture above is fun during the weekend nights.

昨天我介绍了Les Marolles这个有意思的街区,在这里有很多酒吧咖啡厅,想体验的当地年轻人生活的可以周末来这里玩,比如这家Havana酒吧就不错。

The lift is behind the comic wall.


Of course from Les Marolles to get up to the Justice Palace, you can also take the stairs.


View of the Les Marolles district from the lift.


The higher part of Brussels is less residential. In the old times, those with more wealth lived here while the working-class lived in the lower part of the city. Nowadays, you can find all the designer shops and some beautiful art nouveau houses inDQmRt7HaUaZZJgh1tr4kEzwLZiL4i52y4FiiKopx2T2bzqg_1680x8400.jpgAvenue Louise, near the Justice Palace.


I always think Justice palace is the most beautiful building in Brussels, with numerous decorations, columns and stairs. you can see its tremendous golden dome from miles away.


Place Poelaert, It was built between 1866 and 1883 by the architect Joseph Poelaert.


Come here on a clear day, bring some beer or snacks, enjoy the amazing view.