Restaurant 邵東家

@shanghairabbit took us to a popular reatsurant the other day.

interiors of the restaurant

They serve Zhejiang/Jiangsu cuisine, not the most famous cuisine known outside China, you don’t see much outside Shanghai/Zhejiang/Jiangsu area.

My hometown is in Jiangsu Province, so I’m familiar with the food. We don’t eat much spicy like in many other regions in China.

Honey lotus root with glutinous rice. I always love this dish hahah, must eat for me everytime I go back to China.

Tofu pot

Chicken ^^

Fish is a bit spicy, don’t think it’s typical Jiangzhe dish but not bad, I love spicy food, just can’t eat much spicy myself.

and milk tea with alcohol, which is pretty good