Got an ego boost at SMILE SAFARI, pop up instagram museum in Brussels

Hello everyone!

My name is Joy and I love social media, I got really addicted. Every time I’m going out or going on a vacation, I post literally hundreds of photos. I have almost 3000 Instagram posts. My friends eventually got tired of taking pictures for me, so now I mostly travel by myself. ^^ Lately I discovered a pop-up museum in Brussels art centre Tour&Taxi and spent 2 hours inside and got an ego boost.

So, here are some pictures I want to share with you:.

SPRITE FRESHY <3 <3 <3 Call me maybe! My favourite installation of the whole museum!

back to 90s


In fact, the museum was fun, I mean really. I kinda expected it to be more crowded, but it was actually spacious and empty, maybe because it was a cold rainy day. This isn’t the first instagram themed museum or exhibition though, I guess nowadays you find many of this sort. I actually didn’t think I would like it.


money shower it is! Let girls get angry! Will you grab me?


I can see your EYES! I’ve made a vlog too: hope you enjoyed it! TOUR&TAXI address: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles