Snapshots around Jodphur Junction train station

Changing itinerary a bit, staying one more day in Jodhpur. The old town is not so big, as I said previously in the vlog, most of the blue houses are residence. There’s not that much to do except for the fort, old town and a palace that I didn’t go.

Rajasthan is, in general, a bit different than I thought, haha, I’m going to elaborate it in another vlog. Vlogging is such a great way to document the trip, especially in India, when everyday there’s so mich going on and you don’t feel like typing or blogging much lol.

So I’m staying in a hotel near Jodhpur Junction (train station), here are a few random snapshots I took these few days. India is an interesting place for sure.

Jodhpur Junction

Are they fixing and polishing shoes?

2020 calendar

Pickle shops (fix price shop!) I don’t know if that’s true though as most of the shops in India you’ll still have to bargain and compare prices, e.g. same shop next door can charge you 5* more.

local pharmacy

Xiaomi seems popular in India

Indian style hostel?

Sunset road.

Stay tuned for more my Indian travel stories!