some thoughts on the whole situation

We are all excited! I hope it was too early to say ”’RIP STEEM’ the other day.

Good that Dan Larimer speaks out, yet imho it doesn’t mean dpos is resilient under attack, especially with such ninja mine initiated by Dan himself lol.

See how difficult it was yesterday?

I thought I was an over-emotional person, yesterday I saw so much emotion everywhere on twitter on discord. Now we got 10 human witnesses voted in top 20 now, it wasn’t easy, with all the ninja mining stake participating in voting now. No matter how I dislike some witnesses and never really agree with their visions, and probably will change the vote after this drama end, but at this point, the unity I see is touching. How can you not be excited?

I understand some uses the argument based on Ned and inc’s promises about how they were gonna use the ninja mine. The argument is kinda weak you know. We all know that promises were empty, otherwise Steem doesn’t have to go through like this, we don’t have to go through this. If it’s truly decentralised, why should we trust any promises? So after 4 years of trusting inc, we finally know we got fooled here and if ninja mine is in this place one day, there won’t be any decentralisation.

Steem story is long and complicated, along the way, except for ninja mine, there are also greedy witnesses (not all of them ofc), early miners, circle voting / mild reward milkers (yay including myself), hardcore milkers with 10 sock puppets, previous bidding bot business that was raping the system for years,including some unknown (early mining) whale what support those business.

Can you tell exactly who’s worse than others? I can’t exactly tell, but probably all these have somewhat to do with today’s situation.

Wrong attitude kills, if there’s anything that we could have done better? Actually many, but it’s just irrelevant to mention past stories/mistakes.

Steem on to the end.

Have you listened to the witness and Justin gathering earlier?

BTW: Justin Sun, many in this platform probably won’t agree with your point that your violence is better than others’. Many don’t like police here. It was a huge mistake to voting with exchange funds. Either at least try a bit educate yourself or learn from others, of course you can keep living in your own world, a choice for you.