Suizenji Jojuen Garden in Kumamoto

The Suizenji Jojuen Garden in Kumamoto is a typical Japanese circular garden where you can find Japanese sculpturing art at its best. Inside the garden every bush and hedge seemed precisely cut to perfection. It was named Jojuen after a sentence of a poem written by Tao Yuanming. The garden is hidden in a suburb of Kumamoto. The garden was very quiet and peaceful. it brought me surprisingly refreshing tranquil feeling while walking around.

A panorama picture of Suizenji Jojuen Garden. This sweet garden is designed to include 53 quaint representations of different key sites along the Tokaido Road, from Tokyo to Kyoto. You can walk around the lake, pass these 53 stops over small bridges. In the winter the tunes and ground look all brown, I guess it could be more beautiful and green-ish in spring and summer.

Even though the garden is surrounded by some tall buildings, it is still very quite.

There is a traditional tea house facing the lake where you can grab a matcha tea and dessert, while enjoying the view.

Of all the sites the garden represents between Tokyo and Kyoto, the most famous and also the only one I could recognise is no doubt Mt Fuji (how I hope to be more familiar with Japanese geography).

Asian trip 2783.JPG

Mini version Mt.Fuji with some tortured-looking pine trees


The lake is supposed to have a shape of the character “Heart”. Can you see it from this gif?

Water in the small lake comes from a natural spring released from Mt. Aso, so it was so clear. I was able to see a Japanese stork that stood out in the middle of the pond, plenty of ducks and some big koi fishes.


I really enjoyed walking around the garden. Maybe because of the earthquake in Kumamoto last year, it did attract many tourists to come, or maybe it was just in the winter. There is a kimono and yukata rental shop at the entrance but I didn’t rent one here because it was too cold that day.