Hindu temple Ponagar in Nha Trang

I was surprised to see Hindu temple in Nha Trang. Didn’t know there’s hindu influence in the country. Ponagar was a temple complex built in 8th century.

It’s a bit outside the center, you can take a geab or bus No.4 from the beach to the temple.

The temple isn’t that big, but nice if you go in the afternoon a bit before the closing hour, to avoid crowds and to enjoy the sunset and great view.

Temple is well maintained, you may find it not as impressive as the bigger ones you see in India, but otherwise it’s interesting to take a look.

You can have a great view of the city from here. But do come before or after all the crowds, otherwise it won’t be much fun I believe.

Holi mountain Sulaiman-Too in Osh

To be honest, I loved the landscape of Kyrgyzstan much more than its cities. Even though I was told that Osh is a historical and one of the most important cities along the ancient Silk Road, I didn’t think it’s that special. For sure it sounds amazing, with the largest bazaar in the whole Central Asia and Mountain Sulaiman-Too, which is called holy mountain by locals. I guess it is amazing because of its religious meaning, rather than the landscape, as I saw a lot of local tourists taking a walk to the hill and pray in the little caves. 

Mountain Sulaiman-Too is located right in the center of Osh, next to the central park, so still great for a walk and get a view of the city anyway. 


Mountain Sulaiman-Too

Behind me is the Museum Sulaiman Too, a museum of Kyrgyz history and culture. The two architecture is built in a big cave, the architecture itself looks wonderful! But not a museum person, especially for countries like Kyrgyzstan where its traditional culture is well kept and can still be seen in real life. not for this kind of museums anyway, so I didn’t go inside, admiring its architectural beauty from outside is pretty enough for me already. XD 

On my way to the museum, there a place where people say you have to slide 3 times on a holy rock. I did that, was fun and I even made some videos of me doing that, but somehow I can’t find them, probably deleted when my phone got too full. Taking too much photo problems…


View of Osh, not the best but for sure not bad either, a super green city.

When Starbucks meets Kengo Kuma’s unique wooden works

I thought the interior design for starbucks is pretty much similar everywhere, from Europe to Asia, until the other day I saw the one in Dazaifutenmangu Omotesando. In Japanese language, « sandō » means a road that leads up to a shrine and « omote means “front” or “main.”

Dazaifu is a famous Shinto shrine near Fukuoka. The omotesando to the shrine is extremely busy especially during the new year. In this road there are many shops selling special local snacks or souvenirs, among which a Starbucks absolutely stands out. The architecture of this shop is quite unique and eye-catching.

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The Pink Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz: It’s all about Colors and Craftmanship

The Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz is well known for its stained glass hall. Everyone calls it the Pink Mosque because of its extensive use of pink tiles and rose patterns. Although stained glasses are widely used for churches and it is not that common for mosque architecture, except very few ones, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. And even that one isn’t as colorful as this mosque. Continue reading The Pink Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz: It’s all about Colors and Craftmanship