The Pink Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz: It’s all about Colors and Craftmanship

The Nasir al Molk mosque in Shiraz is well known for its stained glass hall. Everyone calls it the Pink Mosque because of its extensive use of pink tiles and rose patterns. Although stained glasses are widely used for churches and it is not that common for mosque architecture, except very few ones, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. And even that one isn’t as colorful as this mosque.

All my favorite Mosaic Walls, at Golestan Palace, Tehran

Golestan Palace is probably the most popular place to visit in Tehran. It literally means the Roseland Palace. The palace is a former royal Qajar complex in Tehran, which Kings of Qajar lived there. The area was huge, with a number of of different galleries and museums throughout. It is located in the center of Tehran, with a short walk from the Grand Bazaar and Park e Shahr, which made it the first choice to visit when I first arrived in Tehran.

What I love most was its huge and beautiful yard, especially those colorful decorative mosaic walls around the palace.