Belgian waffle truck

I live in Belgium, I like waffles.

We have so many different waffles, the soft squared shaped Brusselse waffle, Liege waffle, the one that is similar to bread dough, also sweeter and thicker. I prefer Brussels waffle better but on the street normally you find those sweeter one with different fruit and cream toppings.

Except those two famous waffles, I like those sold in the market and bakkeries. There is this cute waffle truck seeling fresh waffles of all flavors.

My favorite one is chocolate and salty peanuts.


You can buy a mixed bag to taste ^^

I think I got some with apple, cinnamons, chocolate and speculaas.

Have a good weekend!!

🚃 ⛲️ 🌲 🌹 📖 🤳

I hope the weather is great where you are! In Belgium it’s been above 15 degrees for a couple of days already. Tomorrow it’s gonna be the last warm day, better make the best out of it!

WARNING: a lot of selfies in this post.

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🚃 I love taking trams when it’s not too busy of course, in the suburb of Brussels, it’s never very busy luckily!

Sunny park ⛲️ is the best, especially below 20 degrees, 15-20 would be the best. I can’t stand the scorching sun in the summer, so never get excited when it’s too warm.

Have a good day!

Théâtre Royal De Toone – Brussels’ traditional puppet theatre café

In Brussels city center, there is a café in an old théâtre, called Théâtre Royal De Toone.

In my previous vlog, you can get an impression how it looks like. Probably a popular site to visit, because I saw some group tourists last time when I was there (I’ve actually only been there once though lol).

Interesting little café, with a ouppet theatre where you can still watch some shows (costs somewhere around €12), otherwise it’s always nice to just have a drink or too. You find most popular Belgian beers there, including the renowned 10,2% Westvleteren.

Because it’s a theatre café, you find all kinds of puppets as decorations. Here are some pictures!

Entrance is quite narrow, I almost missed it!

Inside the bar


Brussels mannekenpis ^^

You can watch a puppet show here too!

I’m drinking Kriek

Have a good weekend!

MOK Coffee Bar

It has been sunny for a week now, I went to the city, trying to buy a new picnic blanket so that I can enjoy the sun in the park. But I’ve found nowhere they sell it, February is indeed too early for that. So instead of the park, I went to a coffee bar I used to frequent for a while.

It hasn’t changed much.

Some decorations inside.

Coffee was good as always.

I’m wearing eSteem T-shirt because lately they updated their ios app, I’ve tried it, not bad at all! I think I’ll do a video compare it with Partiko, which I’ve been constantly using.

Stay tuned and enjoy your week!