「Vlog」Andean Llamerada dance in Carnival de Oruro in Brussels

I made a video of yesterday’s Carnival de Oruro in Brussels, the multicultural capital of Europe. The cultural center of Bolivia in Belgium invites the entire Bolivian and Latin American community to participate. The carnival parade gave us an insight of one of the largest and most unique Carnivals in the world: Carnival de Oruro.

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Bolivia’s colorful Oruro Carnival comes to Brussels

Today I was in Brussels for the city’s first carnival parade: the Carnival de Oruro.

Oruro is a city in the center of Bolivia. When I visited Bolivia last year, I happened to stay in Oruro for a stopover and loved this little city. Back then locals kept telling me how wonderful the carnival in town is. Carnival de Oruro was originally an indigenous festival celebrated by Bolivian Uru population and was later transformed into a religious festival and the most important carnival in Bolivia. It’s also one of the biggest carnivals in South America.

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Local Market in Oruro, Bolivia

Last semester we had a guest lecture by a Bolivian scholar where he introduced tourism development in Oruro province of Bolivia and let us know how many natural and cultural wonders there are in this area. In his words, Bolivia is the heart of South America (which is no doubt according to me, both culturally and geographically) and Oruro is the heart of Bolivia (um, geographically yes). I remember he concluded that Oruro could be the heart of South America, I was seriously doubtful about it as I had not heard about this city before.

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[Trip report] Trekking in Tuni Condoriri, the Cordillera Real of Bolivia

Bolivia is an untouched natural paradise. The alpine scenery, the jungle, the salt flats, etc. Bolivia’s stunning nature and unique folklore culture make it one of the most visited country among backpackers. Major cities are generally crammed full of backpackers who come for a cheaper stay than elsewhere in South America.

I loved Bolivia, it’s probably among my favorite countries so far. Yet whether it’s a easy to travel around or not is debatable from an independent traveler’s perspective. There are many reasonable trekking opportunities. When I checked the trekking spots around La Paz, I’ve found loads of them and also found many day or 2-day tours to go there.

Not a big fan of any tour, Bolivian ‘tour mentality’ annoyed me a bit, from Uyuni Salt Flats to the Alpine lakes in the South. Tours, tours, tours.

I didn’t find much information regarding how to get there by yourself so today I’d like to share with you dear Steemit friends my trekking experience in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia.

玻利维亚是背包客在南美最爱的国家。这里有很多民俗和风景。玻利维亚高达 62% 的人口都是原住民。除了印第安文化的吸引力,玻利维亚有着独特多变的地形,有安第斯山有乌尤尼盐湖还有亚马逊丛林。加上这里的物价很低,很多背包客喜欢把玻利维亚当做南美游的基地。




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