Alternative Milestone! 10K posts! Steem on.

Today I reached 10k……. followers? Np, 10k posts, in fact the number includes comments as well.

The other day I saw a Steem senior, Dean @deanliu, was also celebrating this milestone, thought it’s actually quite meaningful.

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Even just for a one-word reply, it’s 10k times. I’m so surprised how much time I spent here the past year. I think the number has mostly been accumulating throughout last year, as I didn’t participate in many communities during my first year here.  I’m sure, though, half of these posts are probably from replies of the comments I received, maybe just a “thank you” sort of. 

Nowadays, with and steemhunt, I can see this number will continuous be growing fast, as I spend some times there every day. 

Of course, when it comes to socialising and interacting with fellow Steemians, no one can beat ace @ace108, I used to doubt if Ace has a bot to serve him, but of course not, I can see all comments he writes are from human 😀

Steem on, have a good Wednesday!








Got my flight ticket to Krakow!

Just got my flight tickets to Krakow. Compared to Steemians in North America and somewhere else, Krakow is like next door to me. Ryanair made it possible for me to go during this bear market, flight tickets were pretty cheap, not bad. 

Here is the overview of the trip on Tripit, a good app for travel, if you don’t know it yet. I normally make notes of hotels, directions, things to do, flights, everything on the app, it tracks all my past trips too.

That’s it, I still haven’t booked anything else though. Since I’ll go there alone, I might stay in one of those airbnbs in the centre of Krakow, there should be plenty of them in Nov, not a high tourism season anyway.

Also I haven’t purchased the ticket yet. I just noticed the contests are so competitive… Probably I’ll keep an eye on the crypto price and make the purchase at the right time. Last year, I bought the ticket quite last minute, but it seems not possible this year, so I have to put the deadline on my reminder lol.

And hey, let me know if you are also going!





Spoorlopers and rail-biking (not really related)

The other day I came across this poster in one of the Belgian train stations. 

Spoorlopen is a Dutch word, meaning walking on the rail tracks.

During my stay in Belgium, I’ve noticed that Belgian railway company is really doing a great effort (not only posters everywhere, they even made some Virtual Reality to warn the public not to walk on the track) against this behaviour, much than any other countries, I believe. 

It seems that Belgians really like to walk on the rail tracks or anything. I remember back when I have to commute by train every day, it did happen quite a few times, when the train driver noticed delay caused by the spoorlopers. I guess since so many campaigns are being done, plus the frequency Belgians walk on the tracks, spoorlopen sounds more like a sport to me in Belgium.

So, what can they do then on the rail track? Why do they take so long if they were just about to cross the track?

Do they want to practice their balance on the rail track?

Or make photography like this?

like this?

It can also be they are enjoying their rail biking fun. 

Rail biking isn’t a revolutionary at all, it exists for quite a while. Mostly to reuse the old train tracks for tourism, where you sit back, cycle down a scenic route.

Such touristic rail biking isn’t my thing, unless it’s a real bike converted rail bike like this:

Perfect for cycling travellers, especially in railways with quite little traffic such as Central Asia. It can save you a lot of time and energy on  route planning 😀

Would you like to try rail biking maybe one day?

photo credit: pexels and wikimedia commons



荷兰语有个独特的单词叫Spoorlopen,意思就是在火车轨道上走,我其实是百思不得其解,为何比利时铁路公司非常用心了搞了各种宣传,为了阻止Spoorlopers…… 前两年我每天需要坐火车去上法语课的时候,也经常听到司机的广播通知:“由于轨道上有人在走,现在火车不得不暂停,造成延迟。” 我一直对这些轨道漫步者非常好奇。他们是寻短见吗?还是为了好玩,为什么那么多人喜欢在轨道上走,搞的像一个运动一样。



在其他的地方,叫做Rail biking,这个比较有意思,在自行车上面装一个连接铁轨的装置,就可以顺着铁轨骑车。在一些火车班次不太密集的地方,比如中亚,其实很实用:有足够的火车网络,而且可以省很多精力,很适合骑自行车旅行的人。

Beautiful Sunday at Flagey square in Brussels.

If you ask me which area is my favourite in Brussels, I would say probably Place Flagey. It’s always nice to grab a drink or two with friends there: nice bars, terraces, transats, happy hours, etc. Probably the most chill and relaxed area in town.

We don’t really have that many lakes/ rivers in Brussels, which makes Ixelle Ponds lovely, especially in the summer days. 

Me and my transat.

With bestie 😀

Place Flagey

Please don’t get drunk, Joy 😀