Korean food in Abidjan

After eating chicken and fish (either grilled or in the foufou) for weeks, I finally thought it’s enough.

Abidjan is an international city (West African standard ^^), some say it’s the little Paris in Africa, which I’m not sure if I would agree, but you can find Chinese, Japanese and Korean food here.

The restaurant is called Arirang and it has a large range of Korean dishes. Ordered hoedeopbap (sadhimi rice bowl) and BBQ beef.

Tasty! If you ever come to Abidjan, give it a try.

The owner lady is Korean and she speaks a little bit of Chinese, probably there are more Chinese living in Côte d’Ivoire I believe.

Happy 2019, everyone!

Do you love plantain chips?

Heard this cool song during a uber ride in Kumasi, Ghana.

I’ve been eating plantain chips basically every day here in West Africa. Now I think about this song when I’m eating plantain chips.

For those who don’t speak Twi (Ghanaian), Plantain means lightskined people ^^ so he’s singing he has lightskin girls.

Happy holidays from CI! And enjoy plantain chips!!

Xmas dinner in Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire and some more Xmas photos!

Had a great Xmas dinner at Hôtel Mon Afrik in Bouaké in Côte d’Ivoire. The owner is French and they served a nice French festive menu.

Decorations, very xmasy.

Entrée: escargots 🐌

Lemon sorbet 🍋

Cuisse de canard 🦆

Super cute bûche des fêtes.

Bon appetit!

Merry Xmas!

I think more Christmas photos won’t do harm. Here are some more taken on the Xmas day!

Under huge mango tree

I love the tropic ^^






「LaterSteem」Famous hot dog shop in Belgium – WÜRST

I’ve heard about this hot dog shop called WÜRST for quite a long time.

It’s been famous in Belgium. You see the food truck stalls in different music festivals and city festivals in Belgium. In most cities you find the restaurants in the street too.

But strangely I’ve never tried it before, maybe I always try to avoid the queue. I don’t like to queue for food, and this is so not-Asian, I know!

Anyways, I’ve tried them finally, they are only OK, it’s hot dog, not bad, not amazing either. It’s a good hot dog!

This is an scheduled post. Scheduled before Xmas to post so the xmas decoration won’t overstay their welcome on Steem ^^

Joy is travelling in West Africa, maybe eating hot-dog or street food in Abidjan. If you see this post, it means Joy is too busy or hasn’t found the proper internet to share her updates.

Stay tuned, Joy will updates her West Africa trip.