Big pot of chocolate Aramena gelato

Summer is fading away, the day is getting shorter and colder every day, but it doesn’t mean I will go without ice cream.

Ice cream truck downstairs will still stay open until the end of the month (I don’t get why ice creams shops here have to close during the winter. I love eating ice cream in the winter too) Now you can already order a big pot of ice cream from them.

Te flavors they have, I normally take the ones zonder zuivel. I don’t like all those super creamy ones, I prefer sorbet or fruity ones.

Big pot costs €12.

Love the cherries ^^



看到有卖桶装的,我也决定囤一些回家吃,选了巧克力樱桃口味 ?,一大桶12欧,挺合算呢!