Lunch at the Stone Culture restaurant

In Jambiani beach there are quite a few nice little restaurants. They cook local dishes, mainly fish and rice ^^

The stone culture restaurant, right next to the Mango beach bar. In the north of Jambiani beach.

Entrance of the restaurant

The view.

I ordered fish filet with nuts, plus vegetable curry. You can choose rice or fries, I chose rice because I love rice, here in Zanzibar, people also love eating rice, which makes me feel like home (China).

Meal costs around 5€ with drink included, not bad.

Zanzistar has the best beach in Jambiani

There is a huge seaweed farm along Jambiani beach, so for swimming, it’s nit the best beach in Zanzibar. In Nungwi the sea is more suitable to swim.

For Zanzibar standard Jambiani isn’t the best but still quite clean and nice. Beach on the south of Jambiani is cleaner than the north and doesn’t have seaweed, so you can swim quite well.

I’ve found some great beach bars, Zanzistar being oneof them.

the entrance

The atmosphere was great.

Had some great juice on a relaxed afternoon.


No filter except for the last picture (with Instagram Gingham filter) because of the backlight.

Those amazing colors are just worth getting up so early for

I’m not an early person, almost never wake up early. Except for catching early flights, the last time I got up so early was still 2-3 years ago in Santorini, when a friend of mine wanted to see sunrise so we got up early and drove to Kamari beach and I remember that day was cloudy and the sunrise wasn’t the best  

This time, before coming to Zanzibar, I’ve heard the sunset on the island is great, but I simply didn’t make it either (Jambiani isn’t the best place for sunset). My guesthouse host Maulid and his friends told me Jambiani beach is a great spot for Sunrise though, and Vinila house is just nearby, so I set my alarm that day at 5:30 am, so early!

The sandy powdery beach looks so amazing before sunrise!

It wasn’t that clear but the colors were simply wonderful!

There was nobody on the beach and I took those photos by setting camera timer. ^^

What’s the most beautiful sunrise/sunset you’ve seen in your life so far?

Jambiani beach at sunset

Jambiani beach isn’t the best place in Zanzibar to watch sunset to be honest, Nungwi and Michamvi would be better places for sunset.

You can take a taxi to Michamvi but I was too lazy to move, aiai, maybe because the beach in Jambiani is too remaxed. Plus, I was waiting for the response if taxi drivers can find someone to share the taxi with me, but heard no answer. Low season at the moment, bear market now, not in the mood to pay the taxi to Michamvi for myself really.

So just sunset in Jambiani then. The colors are beautiul even though at this side of the island you don’t see the sun go down.

Dancing local girls

Fishmen’s boat

Kitesurfers, here you don’t see as many kitesurfers as in Paje, where there’s even a kitesurfing school, but still there’re a few of them.

Beach boys

One of the beach bars

Local kids having fun at beach

Best lights for some selfies

Have a good day!