What about a personalised, dapp integrated Steem profile page?

We all know that Steem is amazing, it’s much more than just a blogging platform, you can make vlogs, playing games, all kinds of stuff. We have that many tribes and communities!


Most used user interface on Steem is still steemit.com, which, to be honest, isn’t that amazing.

I’ve tried a few front ends on Steem already, some are cooler than others, I like some better than other, but what I was thinking about is a more integrated profile page like below:

Since we have dtube, 3speak, we have travelfeed, and many other apps. I like their interfaces quite well and use them to post on Steem blockchain sometimes.

But so far I haven’t seen any front end that can integrate all these functions together. 

I’m no UI/UX specialist but I meant something like this:

Different blocks show different sections and users can customised their own priorities by dragging each section to the position they want to place on the page.

For example, if I’m more of a vlogger, I would want my page to be shown as above, with my vlogs on the top.

If I’m more of a blogger, I would show my blogs on top.

Of course, many other apps can be added as movable sections on the page, such as your SPT games, your tribes. 

Also tags can be added somewhere you want on your page, for easier search.

What do you think? I think it would be better than everything shown as a post like steemit.com.

But again, I’m no expert in UI/UX, I don’t know how difficult to archive such.

Thanks for reading.


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Belated SPUD

Steem price has been low forever, so I finally transferred some liquid steem back to my steemit wallet and powered up. Does it mean I’m confident in Steem now, also not really, maybe due to the downtrend of Steem price, maybe it’s because I’m not a very optimistic person in general. Yet I’ve powered up some, just so I don’t have to keep an eye on the price any more.

Binance wallet was like this since HF 21 for a week or so, finally I can withdraw.

Was trying to power down and trade to increase my position, soon realised that trading is difficult.

If the price keeps dropping, I might feel stupid that I could have traded to double the position, but I’ve already lost too many trading chances for steem anyway, so, for now I powered up. Although with such price and 50/50, the vote I cast is still not a big boost for the payout, but I’ll try to vote manually and support some good posts!

Happy belated SPUD everyone.

Binance钱包维护现在终于开放了,我把里面的9000Steem终于取出来Power Up,因为Steem价钱一直很低,这些Steem本打算放着等卖个好价钱,暂时目测也是卖不出去,所以不如Up了。

Authors, bloggers, content creators, thinking 50/50 reduces your payout? Look here.

50/50 author/curation reward split has been widely discussed on Steem before the HF21. Now it finally comes into force, let’s take a look at some data I’ve gathered from my curation rewards of 7 days ago (since the HF 2 days ago, the pending posts from 7 days ago have already been calculated with the new 50/50 algorithm).

1.515 SP curation reward with my 100% vote on my own post
1.515 SP curation reward with my 50% vote on @teamhumble’s post

Both posts received similar % vote from dtube and have similar total payout. But my 50% vote on @teamhumble seems economically more efficient than voting my own post. (My current SP is around 20k)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0374-1.jpg

Of course it’s just one example and both posts later received vote from big account, I was lucky to see teamhumble’s post in time, I can’t guarantee all curation rewards on others’ posts are more than self vote. But this is more better than before the fork, although there was all kinds of voting campaign but still most just selfvoted. 50/50 seems good if you curate, yet this also means downvotes becomes extremely important, since for the same reason whale voting for their own sock puppet alts can easily benefit from high curation rewards and author rewards if without downvotes.

Moreover, some have always been claiming that authors are losing payout, it’s not fair. I’ve also thought about this and figured out my solution to counterbalance the (possible) author reward loss.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0374-1.jpg

Here, are your guides on make more rewards under current algorithm.

POWER UP (if you can)


VOTE FOR OTHERS (if you want)

I hope you enjoy HF21

Have fun, off to Barcelona now, see you later.


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Are we already 7 days before HF21?

Does it mean we’d better stop shitposting from now as payout window is 7 days and from 27th we will start to have 2.5 free downvotes per day.

Although I’m an experienced SHPer, it can sometimes be tiring to SHP daily. BTW experienced SHPer is no joke, I started when I was 12 I believe in a local student forum, where I SHPed every day to reach a very high level, we sometimes did offline meetup too, pretty similar to Steem (my boring teenage time back in China lol).

So, so, what do you think?

Excited for HF21? Do you think things are going to change or rather stay the same? Do you think there will be random flagging wars more often? Do you think it will be easy to stay away from the war?

I guess those aren’t the most important, whether we can get new investors, or at least get the existing Steemians to power up more SP is more relevant. Do you think its gonna happen?

Hey let’s talk about it today!