Belated SPUD

Steem price has been low forever, so I finally transferred some liquid steem back to my steemit wallet and powered up. Does it mean I’m confident in Steem now, also not really, maybe due to the downtrend of Steem price, maybe it’s because I’m not a very optimistic person in general. Yet I’ve powered up some, just so I don’t have to keep an eye on the price any more.

Binance wallet was like this since HF 21 for a week or so, finally I can withdraw.

Was trying to power down and trade to increase my position, soon realised that trading is difficult.

If the price keeps dropping, I might feel stupid that I could have traded to double the position, but I’ve already lost too many trading chances for steem anyway, so, for now I powered up. Although with such price and 50/50, the vote I cast is still not a big boost for the payout, but I’ll try to vote manually and support some good posts!

Happy belated SPUD everyone.

Binance钱包维护现在终于开放了,我把里面的9000Steem终于取出来Power Up,因为Steem价钱一直很低,这些Steem本打算放着等卖个好价钱,暂时目测也是卖不出去,所以不如Up了。