When you don’t know how to pose for photos…

Get a drink, coffee, bubble tea, whatever, and just hold it, then you don’t have to think about where to put your hand. Clever?

like this

like this this and this

Unlike my fellow Chinese tourists, I’m really really bad at posing for photos. I often feel awkward when I have to take a photo, so I just hold my drink. Plus, a nice drink can never go wrong ^^

Cloudy East Coast |TAIWAN | 東海岸多雲☁️

I imagined Taiwan to be one of those sub-tropical islands with endless sun and humid breeze. But right now it’s still the short rain season, what I see are endless clouds.

Beach in Taitung reminds me of the beach in Île de Ré or in Karakol, or any beach that is not so developed in tourism, meaning not many beach bars, etc, which is a good thing I believe.

Interesting bridge, there was someone singing some 80s songs on the bridge.

Spring in Shanghai

I remember a movie called Suzhou River, the other day we went to a park called Suzhou River Environment Theme Park, park itsemf has nothing to do with environment or anything. Every time I’m in China, I’m always quite amazed by the way they give names to parks or whatever places.

Anyways, the park is more of a public park for nearby residence buildings, that kind of park where you can see old ladies singing and dancing with those odd pop music with not so much melody but repetitive lyrics, they do this as their daily exercises, and also you see kids running around.

Still I like visiting parks when I’m travelling, just to see some random local life.

Didn’t take many photos inside the park though, except for some selfies with the flower carpet.

Spring in Shanghai feels almost like summer in Belgium, similar temperature haha.

KL streets

Hello, I left KL but still have many pictures taken in KL.

It’s such a nice city!


I’m an awesome tourist!

Not very ready for pictures though.

KL streets

I’m not so used to such modern cities any more I guess. Can’t even remember when is the last time I was in big cities haha.

KL after the afternoon tropical rain <3

Greetings from Ipoh, oh actually I just changed my plan and heading to Penang now.