More Taj Mahal photos

Taj Mahal is always crowded but it’s still the highlight of the whole Indian trip. If you like architectures, I believe you’ll agree with me.

India is a special country with mixed feelings for me, when travelling here, there are moments I think why I am travelling in this dirty country, “Isn’t it better I spend the money wiser, a more comfortable island holiday for example?” But there are also moments I’m so excited to see all these amazing architectures. Taj Mahal is certainly one of them. It’s also nice to feel the culture shock (these days in this modern world, you don’t find many places where you still feel a strong culture shock, no matter where you are from).

As promised, here are some more Taj Magal pictures, probably you can find much better photos online, I tried to capture the beauty of it, but it’s just so beautiful, I think better to see it with your own eyes ^^