Amritsar Memories

Amritsar is home to the beautiful Golden Temple, one of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited. I didn’t plan to include it in my last Indian trip, as it’s slightly far from Rajasthan, but in the end I was so glad that I went there, which turned out to be highlight of that trip.

The Golden Temple is the holiest temple for the Sikhs, Amritsar sees a sad history of freedom fight for the Sikhs, there’re some memorials in the main road next to the Golden Temple.

From Delhi there’s an overnight train to Amritsar. I’ve probably already posted the train journey while I was travelling, the train has a funny name, called literally the poor men’s train, as there’s only one sleeping class, it was dirty and cheap.

Let me share some of my memories from Amritsar.

The train wasn’t that bad to be fair, it departed with a huge delay due to the protest in Dehli, but not that much of delay in the end, it was super dirty though.

It was cold in December, walking with bare feet in the marbles inside the temple was cold, especially at night. Golden Temple was spiritual and beautiful!

Main walking street in Amritsar, traffic in India is always crazy, that makes a walking street so pleasant.
Funny thing about the walking street is that it breaks in the middle, where you have to cross the busy traffic without the light. Wasn’t so easy lol.

Besides the temple, the main walking street, there wasn’t much to do, but there’s a nice cloth market where I bought a new saree and let it stitched.

part of the cloth market
Amritsar is a very vegetarian city, like many cities in North India, it’s not easy to find meat, but the veg dishes are great in India, I never complained about it even though I’m no vegetarian. There weren’t that many restaurants to choose though, the restaurant in the pic above is one of the few popular ones, specialised in their thali.
It was super popular!
Now I miss this thali.
This is not the Harmandir Sahib, but the hindu replica version of the golden temple, it’s 1:1 replica, but not as beautiful as the original one.
the door

The hindu replica version temple itself isn’t the most spectacular but you can find some super cheap souvenirs and tasty desserts near the temple. Now I miss Indian desserts!

random street

I realised when collecting some photos earlier that I also visited a weird temple, it was newly painted and they try to make it a labyrinth so you’ll have to climb inside all over, the temple is huge, with a lot of Buddha statues, probably popular among kids.

To get out of Amritsar there’s trains to Jaipur and Dehli.