It seems crypto summer is about to start. Are you ready?

If you are a crypto bagholder, last week must have been really great for you. Seems like we are finally getting out of the bear. I hope you all have accumulated enough of your favorite coins.

Will Steem benefit from the bull (if there is any)? I guess so, because crypto market is not rational, when everything goes up, most probably Steem price will chase the bull, despite how dysfunctional our current system seems.

But of course what do I know? If I knew, I could be richer haha.

Summer is here for sure, heat wave is coming to Belgium, scary! I don’t have airco at home, hope I can survive.

Besides crypto, what’s your plan for the summer? Holidays? I think if there’s really a bull coming, I will control myself not to spent much money, to travel. Better hold as long as bull is here I guess.

(Photos taken in Taiwan)

Sticky Fingers BBQ House

Summer is here, best time for BBQ. It would be nice to do a BBQ party in your backyard with a couple of friends, but if you live in the city like me, what can you do?

Luckily there’s a BBQ house in town, great place to enjoy good weather with friends there.

It’s good weather outside, nobody wants to sit inside. Belgians are one of the most crazy people about “buitenzitten” (sitting in the terrace), to enjoy the precious sun here.



Bar next door was also interesting. “Strand” means beach in Dutch. Draw some water and pretend there is a beach nearby, great try.

Fascinating 창덕궁 Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

Went to visit Changdeokgung Palace when I was in Seoul. It was a really pretty palace although I’ve seen some other similar palace in Japan and China.

Missed the secret garden because it was closed, I guess otherwise the garden should be beautiful especially in spring time. I heard a lot of good things about the garden, too bad didn’t see it.

Still the architecture of the palace itself is worth a visit, plus the weather was just great that day, here are some photos I took.