Ha Giang, Vietnam

I love travelling in the North of Vietnam. Belgium is kinda boring geographically, I’d love to fly to the mountain somewhere immediately haha.

Vietnam’s remote North is beautiful, I guess I’ve shared some photos and videos already but no photos won’t do harm. It’s not so touristic yet, which is a good thing.


kids along the way



Mekong Delta in photos

Mekong Delta is my favorite area in Vietnam. Outside places like Cantho and the spots where you can take Mekong cruises, you don’t see many tourists. I believe that’s what made me like Mekong Delta the best, even as a tourist myself, I sometimes just don’t like to be around with other tourists (anti-social?)

European summer is extremely dry, every day I wake up with dry throat and dry lips (even though I left humidifier on the whole night), eating dry bread the whole day lol, how I miss humid air there.

Photos taken on the way from the bus, there aren’t many trains from Ho Chi Minh city to the South.

In Mekong Delta I saw hammocks everywhere, on the streets, in front of restaurants, etc.

Fish soup with rice, good.


Durian lady, how did she get all these durians there?

Lotus ladies, these reminds me of childhood, I used to love fresh lotus seeds.

Me too, my wish.

Communist country afterall?

Chinese middle school, people there really want to learn Chinese? But I did meet a few who can speak better Chinese than me I believe haha.

Really nice locals who helped me find the port to take a boat to the floating market. If you are lazy and unorderly like me, your trip won’t be so organised, sometimes you don’t get to see the most sites, but then maybe you will meet some friendly locals!

VIP night bus in Vietnam

During my trip in Vietnam, I’ve tried pretty much all kinds of transport in the country. I’ve made post and vlogs about overnight train and overnight bus, today I’d like to talk about my experience with the VIP bus.

VIP buses are very nice and clean. In Vietnam, when you take long distance buses, you have to take off your shoes and keep them in a plastic bag, so it’s almost spotless inside the bus.

The bus is quite comfortable, you can lay down don’t need to worries about privacy because there’s certain in each cabin, and the cabin is spacious.

There is no toilet inside the bus but the driver stopped quite frequently for a 5-hour ride.

When arriving in Hanoi it was only 4:30am but you can sleep inside until 5:30 ish, before the free shuttle minibus came to pick you to the location you wanted to be dropped off.

That day was a bit tricky, because I had to catch the overnight train directly, so I was thinking about getting a day-time hotel to stay. Googled it but not much info except the one near the station. Dropped my luggage just in case, which turned out to be a good decision because the hotel is no longer there and I just went to a spa to have two hours massage, plus a bath.

The nightbus costs around €18 while the normal bus costs €10ish not a big difference though. Great experience, you can consider it when travelling in Vietnam, probably train is still better but there are some places not reachable with the train.

Ethnic village Du Gia in Vietnam’s remote North

I came across this village during my motorbike loop in the remote North of Vietnam, quite close to the border with China in fact. If you rent a motorbike in Ha Giang, you will arrive in the village Du Gia on the 3rd day of your loop.

Ha Giang region was probably my favorite part of my Vietnam trip, except for I had food poisoning there during the whole trip. It was so nice when kids along the way were running to you, waving just want to say hello.

I always like the folklore culture of each country, that’s why countries that keep their traditional ethnic culture well, like Bolivia, Romania (Transylvania), Kyrgyzstan, are among my favorites. Vietnam of course also becomes my new favorite.

I was lucky to see the local market when I was in Du Gia, so I captured some pictures shortly that morning before departure.


traditional house


I was actually feeling really really sick that day. Yet a selfie was above everything I guess.

sugar cane


One of the smaller villages I saw on the way. I can share more photos from the trip. Stay tuned ^^