Hanoi old quarter and some traditional Hanoi food

Hello everyone! In this blog I’ll share some pictures of Hanoi old quarter and some traditional Hanoi food. Last year I visited Hanoi 3 times and walked in pretty much every district. I became a little familiar with this city.

One thing I absolutely miss is the old quarter. It’s nice to walk around, or to find a cafe and people watching.

There are so many cafes and they all sell delicious coffees! I miss Vietnamese coffee now.

Have you ever been to Vietnam? Maybe you’ve tried some local food, in Hanoi, they have their specialities.

Cha Ca is a fried fish dry pot, there are some Cha Ca restaurants in Hanoi, where only one dish (fish pot) is served.

You’ll need these to eat
first fry fish
then together with herbs
eat together with noodles, veg and peanuts

Bun Cha is a pork kebab sweet soup that you’ll find everywhere in Hanoi. It’s super cheap, normally ~ 1 euro.

BBQ it

^ More Hanoi local food

I hope you enjoy this post! Have a good day.