Teriyaki Chicken/ Ginger Pork Pizza 🍕 anyone? | Pizza 4P’s Vietnam

Have you ever tried pizza’s with all those weird (creative) toppings?

Today I’m talking about a popular pizza restaurant called 4P’s in Vietnam. 4P’s is extremely popular with its cool and cozy interior design. Pizza is the thin crust sort of pizza (I like pizza better this way).

4P’s is a Japanese infusion pizza, meaning you can find toppings like sashimi, chicken tariyaki, etc. But also normal ones such as ham and cheese.

I’ve had some strange topping so called creative pizzeria before and also some sort localised pizza’s. Normally I would prefer authentic Italian ones, but 4P’s has changed my mind, I loved it a lot and decided I can go back to Vietnam one day just for it (jk). Actually during my Asian trip, I’ve really met someone who told me he wanted to go back to Vietnam for 4P’s. Exaggerating?

But the pizza is good, I regret didn’t take that sashimi one, would be more fun to post. I was too hesitant to eat raw fish on my pizza at that time I guess.

Inside the restaurant, it was xmas time!

In 4P’s you can also choose 50/50 pizza to try different flavors! I’ve chosen ginger pork and tariyaki chicken, it was so tasty!

menu from https://pizza4ps.com/menu/pizza/

Ginger ale, their sangria was also good, forgot to take pictures.

Apple cinnamon pizza with ice cream ^^

You can find 4P’s in all major cities in Vietnam, probably you’ll need to make a reservation especially with a bigger group. Price was OK, more expensive than local food but similar or maybe even cheaper than any decent pizza place elsewhere.