What does HIVE mean to me?

original initiative post by @theycallmedan


Here’s my entry:

The past 40 days has been quite an emotional overload to me. Yesterday I made it too, I got my two posts blocked on steemy lol. Decentralisation has already been a fuzz word probably but the censorship over was real!

Bye bye Steem! Right now I’m only using Appics with my steem accounts to get some last Hive funds.

What does Hive mean to me?

It means new hope I guess? The code is not new, they say. But what has happened in the past 40 days is certainly something new I’ve seen from all these years I’ve been on Steem. I remember on feb 14 when they announced the acquisition, I thought that’s it. My Steem journey probably comes to the end, which turned out to be true, but the end has no end, at the moment there’s no reason I’m not optimistic about Hive, even for a pessimist like myself.

I remember there were certainly times on Steem when I’m getting really bored or kinda burned out, especially during those bidbot days when everyone was basically competing who can farm more. It wasn’t Hive that suddenly solved that, but Hive has solved some long existing problems on chain for sure.

Not all the problems that Steem used to have are solved at this moment, but at least inc’s ninja mine problem is solved. Let’s work on the rest of them together from now on. Not all my old Steem friends have moved on Hive, but they’ll come at some point, if we all work together.

BTW: it’s great we fight together and got here on Hive, but don’t forgot to adjust your witness votes a bit for a brigter future.

Am I too positive here? Feel free to hare your thoughts on comments below.