Winter is coming ☁️

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend?

Winter is coming in Belgium, it’s been rainy the whole week now. I put on a thick sweater yesterday and still feel cold. Eve(uncovered) talked about the dark winter days in Finland the other day in her post and she tries to get up early to catch some sun light of the day.

I guess Belgium isn’t as bad, but I also remember if I decided to stay up really late in the winter, I might also skip the daylight, I did for a few consecutive days before. SAD is not a joke, although it doesn’t have that much of impact as it did a couple of years back. I’m getting used to it now.


Groove is mine.


I guess not really a great weather to stay outside long, better staying at home, listening to some music. 

Finally made this 90s classic hiphop playlist, feel free to check it out.