10 Random Questions Icebreaker Challenge

Thanks for nominating me @itchyfeetdonica, so that I can have something to post lol. Even though I’m such an experienced SHPer, can still run out of SHP ideas. Here we go.

1. What supernatural power would you want to have?

  • To have Doraemon’s Anywhere Door so that I can go anywhere within seconds.

2. If you could choose your birth place, where will it be, and why?

  • Doesn’t matter, but maybe somewhere with a fairly open passport at least.

3. If you could go back in time to meet someone from the past, who will it be and why?

  • I got a list of musicians in mind but tbh I don’t really know what to say if I met them though, learning from their works is already enough. So this question can be easy to answer, to meet 15 year old me and tell her buy bitcoin…

4. Which childhood memory is your favorite?

  • Role playing with cousin, grandma got a lot of nursing kits at her place.

5. What are the three things you notice in the opposite sex first?

  • Lips and shoulders haha

6. If Life was a music, what song will yours be playing ?

  • Pearl Jam – Alive

7. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

  • Stuck at border/customs? Get into a fight with border control officers?

8. In one sentence, how would you sum up the whaleshares platform?

  • hmmmm….dunno. I’ve tried the site but don’t really think it’s anything special.

9. What’s the funniest Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

  • Get your own WI-FI

10. What’s something your brain tries to make you do and you have to will yourself not to do it?

  • Not much I can think of, maybe eating desserts?

I’m too lazy to nominate people now, anyone, pls feel free to join this challenge!

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